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About Custom Domains

Let's say you want your website URL to be something that doesn't end in '.neocities.com'. This is called a custom domain. Generally, to get a custom domain, you need to buy one from a registrar, and keep paying for it annually in order to keep it active. The last part of the domain — for example, '.com', '.net', or '.xyz' — is called a TLD (top-level domain). Often, different TLDs will be priced differently; some are very expensive, while many common ones can be purchased for less than $20 USD per year.

Here are some common steps you'll need to follow in order to set up a custom domain for your site:

Domain Registrars

Here are a few registrars you can purchase a domain from. You might want to compare their prices for your chosen domain on a few different registrars before purchasing one.

Registrars we have heard are OK

Registrars to avoid

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